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Double Thumbs Up in Awol Studios

So quite a few things have been going on over the last couple of months, but most of all we have been moving in to our new studio in Manchester, Hurray!

We are now part of Awol Studios in Hope Mill which is in the Ancoats area of Manchester.  We are still settling in, but we are enjoying finally having our own space.

Check out the studios here:

Christmas is also on its way so we are getting ready for that and we have lots of new products to get out there as soon as we can.

Standby for more regular updates from us at Double Thumbs Up Towers!

Double Thumbs Up Studio at Awol

Double Thumbs Up Studio at Awol

Hello Strangers!

Oh , Hi….Its been a wee while hasn’t it? We have been super busy bees and a little bit neglectful of the blog. Sorry!!

We have been working on a few new projects, including some fancy exhibitions work and a lot of product development. Keep your eyes open for a brill new range of clocks.

In other exciting news, Barry has left his day job and is now a full-time double thumbs upper.


Is it too early for a drink?


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Viva Pinata! range is here – download the free colouring sheet!

We introduced a lot of new items at Spring Fair 2016 Last month including two new ranges. The Viva Pinata range is inspired by Mexican folk art and Day of the Dead celebrations. We really enjoyed working on this range and using a much brighter colour palette. We also enjoyed listening to a Mariachi cover band on repeat to get us in the mood!

Have a look at some of the range below and don’t forget to download the colouring sheet at the end to make your own Viva Pinata pattern!

(Click and then right click to save)

Howdy Card Tequila Card Muchas Gracias


Pinata Colouring Sheet A4 REDUCED

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Our week in pictures, 27.9.2015

It has been a bit of a busy week this week. Have a look at what we’ve been up to…


We went to meet some fellow Northwest Not on the High Street partners on Friday.  It was the Macmillan coffee morning.  Kirsty made meringues…Kirsty dropped meringues! Great event though thanks to for hosting.



We had quite a busy week with orders.  Our Children’s prints have been popular.

green galaxy plain cactus illustration notebook

We added a few new products to our Not on the High Street storefront. You can find the galaxy notebook here and the cactus print one here.

heart pin badges in production

We got ahead of the valentines game by preparing our love token lapel badges.

view through camera viewfinder

Finally, we got around to updating some photographs of old favourites like our moon gazing hare notebook. About time too!

Hope you have had a fun week!

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Our week in pictures, 20.9.2015

Here is a wee glance at what we have been up to this week…

Star Wars Christmas CardSending out a few of these Star Wars inspired Christmas Cards to some very organised customers!

Lasercut mirror stars

Laser cutting some beautiful mirrored perspex stars for some new product prototypes at Fred Aldous.

Galaxy patterned notebooks

Taking Delivery of these awesome galaxy print notebooks (+12 more designs!).

Colourful buildings at the Custard FactoryHanging out at the wonderful Custard Factory in Birmingham for Not on the High Street event, Make, Do and Meet.

Free ChocolateScoffing free chocolate and playing with our cool  laser engraved pens from the Make, do & meet goody bag…

Coffee, cake and planningCoffee, cake and forward planning at Takk Manchester.

What have you been up to this week?

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The quest for the perfect pen!

Barry here,

You can never have enough pens, but you can have enough bad pens.  There are few things quite as disappointing as finding a new pen you have just bought is a bit rubbish. Too scratchy, too light, doesn’t dry quick enough etc etc.  So I always keep an eye for a nice pen and here is one I have just found.  The ‘Derwent Graphik Line Marker’ in Sepia (Oooh!).  I bought a pack of 3 of these in 0.1, 0.3 and 0.5mm widths.  The pack was about 5 quid so under 2 quid for each pen isn’t too bad if they are good. And I think they are (hurray!)

Sepia Graphik

The colour is a nice change from the usual black and the nibs seem pretty tough with nothing changing after a solid evening of linework.  It gives your work a warmer feel and adds some extra interest for free.  The ink dried quick enough not smudge and didn’t soak in to regular pads either.  Overall I liked them.  They also do a grey set so maybe I’ll give them a try once these wear out (or I see them on offer, or just see them…)

Stand by for my next pen find soon.

Double Thumbs Up logo

DTU Freebies! Galaxy desktop wallpaper

Barry here

Here at DTU we thought it would be nice to give away some free stuff, so to kick things off we have some free desktop wallpaper for you.  It is based on our galaxy gift wrap range which you can find in our shop here.  This one is the mind bending geometric version!

Galaxy Geometric Wallpaper

To download the wall paper just click on the image above and then right click and choose ‘save image as’ from the menu.

Look out for more freebies appearing soon.

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Designing exclusive products inspired by museum collections

Barry here!

We recently worked on a project with Greater Manchester Museums Group (GMMG) to design and make some gift products for their online shop.  We thought you might like to have a look at some of the stuff we made.

GMMG Greetings Card Fantashtic

All of the products are based on objects from the collections of museums with GMMG and we had behind the scenes access while doing our research.

GMMG Garland

The products range from greetings cards and jewellery to garlands and gift wrap.

GMMG Wrapping Paper Egypt

You can see the full range of products on sale from us and other North West makers in the GMMG shop here.

Designed and made in UK

DTU Days Out: Learning to Letterpress at Rufford Printing Company

Hey Folks, its Kirsty. Earlier in the year, we were super lucky to be given a gift voucher for a day learning to print at Rufford Printing Company. It had been a long time since I had done any printing so I was pretty exited, especially when we arrived at the print room and saw all the cool machines. The smell of oil and printing ink made me feel nostalgic for happy printing times at Art College.

Box of letterpress type

Rufford Printing Company are based at the lovely Cedar Farm – If you haven’t been, Cedar Farm is a collection of boutique shops, galleries, creative businesses and cafés as well as a mini farm and play area. The Café and The Food Shop are particularly good, Barry and I had cake for our breakfast AND lunch on our printing day (and chips for tea…).

Barry holding up print frame

Rufford Printing Company is owned by the excellent Brian and his wife Joan. It has been running for over 40 years and during that time they have amassed a variety of printing machines, large and small.  Brian and Joan showed us the ropes and in no time we were printing pirate themed typographic prints. We may have got slightly carried away…

Piles of pirate prints

At the end of the day, we had a quick spin on the hot foiling machine. The greatest machine EVER. Just about anything looks brilliant in a shiny metallic finish. We hot foiled some crescent moons for a little moon gazing hare papercut we make (and one day we will get round to listing it in our shop!)

hot foiling machine

Have a wee squizz at the Rufford Printing Company facebook page here. As well as running private courses, they often host open days where you can make and take away a little letterpressed keepsake. It is worth a trip.

Designed and made in UK

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Oh, Hi There!

Welcome along to our first blog post. After months of procrastinating we are officially putting ourselves out there. We have even taken a photograph of ourselves…

Kirsty and Barry

That’s me (Kirsty) on the left and Barry on the right. Together we run Double Thumbs Up! We started Double Thumbs Up! in 2013 with no real plan other than to start making some cool stuff that maybe we could sell but most importantly gave us a creative outlet.

Today we make all sorts of things that we sell in our Not On the High Street Shop, from earrings to children’s prints. We also work to commission producing surface patterns and 3D designs for all sorts of clients from Museums to Games companies.

You can follow our projects, travels, work in progress and find out our favourite things here.

In the meantime, here is a bit about us:

I am Kirsty. I walk a thin line between twee loveliness and shouty Scottish person.

Coffee: Caramel Latte. Extra large.
Favourite things ever: Creative swearing, lifting really heavy stuff, drawing animals in hats, daydreaming and new notebooks
Arch nemeses: Egg Mayonnaise Sandwiches, Fancy Dress, Ice-breaking activities, the Post Office Queue.

I am Barry. I like solving problems and general technical shizzle. My superpower is my ability to bring a project together at absolutely the last second.

Coffee: Latte. Extra large (ideally in a two-handled mug)
Favourite things ever: Aggressive music, Pound Shop bargains, buying tools and cables, Marmite, Beans (I really like Beans) and doodling
Arch nemeses: Admin, Mayonnaise, Northern Rail, Writing about myself

Have a look around our shop and let us know what you think.

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