The quest for the perfect pen!

Barry here,

You can never have enough pens, but you can have enough bad pens.  There are few things quite as disappointing as finding a new pen you have just bought is a bit rubbish. Too scratchy, too light, doesn’t dry quick enough etc etc.  So I always keep an eye for a nice pen and here is one I have just found.  The ‘Derwent Graphik Line Marker’ in Sepia (Oooh!).  I bought a pack of 3 of these in 0.1, 0.3 and 0.5mm widths.  The pack was about 5 quid so under 2 quid for each pen isn’t too bad if they are good. And I think they are (hurray!)

Sepia Graphik

The colour is a nice change from the usual black and the nibs seem pretty tough with nothing changing after a solid evening of linework.  It gives your work a warmer feel and adds some extra interest for free.  The ink dried quick enough not smudge and didn’t soak in to regular pads either.  Overall I liked them.  They also do a grey set so maybe I’ll give them a try once these wear out (or I see them on offer, or just see them…)

Stand by for my next pen find soon.

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