Creative Resolutions and Inspiration for the new year.

Happy New Year, Folks!

Late to the party as always, we have been making some 2017 resolutions. We have resolved to spend more time being creative and spend more time in environments that make us feel inspired.

We have loved been busy over Christmas but packing orders all day every day doesn’t leave much time for planning, sketching and designing new things – the stuff we love.

When you run your own business, it can feel like there is an ever increasing to-do list and often we feel guilty taking time away from the list to indulge in the creative stuff. In reality, we wont have a business that holds our interest or a business that customers want to engage with if we do not make time for creativity.

So,hoping to be inspired, we had our first Double Thumbs Up day out last week at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. We spent a lot of time in the hothouses, took a lot of photographs and generally spent some time soaking up restorative plant vibes!

monstera and fern leaves

Now we are back in the studio, we have already started drawing, sketching, creating new and fresh colour palettes and our heads are brimful of ideas. A good start!



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