Kirsty and BarryThat’s me (Kirsty) on the left and Barry on the right. Together we run Double Thumbs Up! We started Double Thumbs Up! in 2013 with no real plan other than to start making some cool stuff that maybe we could sell but most importantly gave us a creative outlet.

Today we make all sorts of things that we sell in our Not On the High Street Shop, from earrings to children’s prints. We also work to commission producing surface patterns and 3D designs for all sorts of clients from Museums to Games companies.

You can follow our projects, travels, work in progress and find out our favourite things here.

In the meantime, here is a bit about us:

I am Kirsty. I walk a thin line between twee loveliness and shouty Scottish person.

Coffee: Caramel Latte. Extra large.
Favourite things ever: Creative swearing, lifting really heavy stuff, drawing animals in hats, daydreaming and new notebooks
Arch nemeses: Egg Mayonnaise Sandwiches, Fancy Dress, Ice-breaking activities, the Post Office Queue.

I am Barry. I like solving problems and general technical shizzle. My superpower is my ability to bring a project together at absolutely the last second.

Coffee: Latte. Extra large (ideally in a two-handled mug)
Favourite things ever: Aggressive music, Pound Shop bargains, buying tools and cables, Marmite, Beans (I really like Beans) and doodling
Arch nemeses: Admin, Mayonnaise, Northern Rail, Writing about myself

Have a look around our site and let us know what you think.


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